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Project Coordinator: Family and Parent’s Services

Client Services Family and Parent Programs

Making aMENds: Becoming a Better Dad

The Centre for Non-Violence has been funded by the Department of Justice and Regulation under the Family Violence Perpetrator Intervention Grants Program to deliver a new and innovative program in the Loddon region. 

The Making aMENds program offers individual and group work interventions in the Loddon Region with fathers who have had contact with the justice system (including civil family violence proceedings, ie; family violence intervention order) and use family violence towards family members.  Men can be motivated to change when they develop an understanding of how their use of violence impacts on their children.   The program also provides a Family Liaison role which works therapeutically with the partner or ex-partner with the child/ren or directly with adolescent children.

 This exciting new program builds on CNV’s work with women and children and on our work with men including the Men’s Behaviour Change program.  It offers another approach to working with men, drawing on Narrative Therapy and Restorative Justice approaches to deliver a 16-week group program focussing on the men’s role as fathers that seeks to “restore” the father/child relationship.  Principles of safety for women and their children and accountability of men is emphasised in the program. Restoration can have a broad definition and will be guided by the child/ren.  Individual support and case management will also be available to men who access the program.  This can include support toward being ready to participate in the group program or the men’s behaviour change program. 

 CNV will use this opportunity to expand its range of approaches to working with men who use violence and to work with families where family violence is a factor. 

Position Objectives

 The purpose of the Project Coordinator role is to:

  • Support the development, implementation, monitoring and review of new and emerging program areas in Client Services.  The initial focus will be on the newly funded Making aMENds: Becoming a better dad program. This role will work closely with the General Manager, Client Services and the Client Services management team in program development.
  • Provide leadership, guidance and supervision to a team of staff who deliver the Making aMENds program and other programs ensuring high quality, safe and effective service responses to family violence.

Key Responsibilities

  • In conjunction with the Client Services Management team, support the development and implementation of new programs including Making aMENds
  • Work with the Client Services management team to explore and develop new and emerging program areas.  This may include programs that work with the family as a whole, adolescents who use violence and other areas where violence impacts on the health and functioning of a family.
  • Day to day program service delivery ensuring the provision of high quality services to clients across Family and Parent’s program area.
  • Ensure that statistical records, reporting and accountability information is prepared and forwarded in a timely manner
  • Actively participate in submissions, tenders, grants and conference applications
  • Champion the strategic plan and quality work plan to staff
  • Oversee, support and strengthen intake, assessment and allocation processes and systems
  • Support review and evaluation activities for the Making aMENds program
  • Work with the Making aMENds steering group to evaluate and enhance the program during the trial period
  • Responsible for the reporting for the Making aMENds program
  • Ensuring that our feminist philosophy and client services frameworks focusing on holistic and integrated care underpins all service delivery
  • Service planning, innovation and quality, including risk management, ensuring service interventions are evidence-based and reflect best practice and adhere to relevant standards
  • Leading, managing and directly supervising the Making aMENds team and other staff who join the Family and Parent’s programs , overseeing the employment, orientation, supervision and practice of staff
  • Ensure a safe and healthy work environment in accordance with policies and procedures
  • Build a supportive team environment that maximizes the individual strengths and capabilities of each team member
  • Participate in the development, regular review and implementation of policies and practice frameworks in Client Services
  • Monitoring trends in the sector, government, external organisations and within the program to inform future planning
  • Higher duties as required 

Job contact

Name: Lisa Levis

Phone: 03 5430 3000