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Diversity in the workplace

Diversity - good news for your workplace

As an employer it is your responsibility to ensure your workplace is free from discrimination — but actively employing a diverse range of people can have resounding benefits for your organisation and the community.

We all know it's against the law to discriminate when hiring, but how closely have you looked at your organisation's diversity profile? How many people from diverse groups have you employed, and how are they contributing to your workforce?

Typically, we tend to think of certain groups that make up a diverse workforce. These groups include people who:

  • are of varied gender and sexuality
  • have a disability
  • are from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds
  • are from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds 
  • have carer responsibilities
  • are of mature age

Workplace diversity can also cover a broader definition of people from different backgrounds, lifestyles, personalities and beliefs. This definition encompasses the traditional 'diversity groups' but also widens the lens through which we look at the diversity of our workforce and can help us understand why diversity is good for business.

The more collective and varied experience your workforce has, the more opportunity you will have to solve problems in an innovative way. A diverse workforce promotes personal and business growth as people learn from the different experiences of their colleagues. Embracing diversity also widens the pool from which you recruit, giving you more opportunity to attract talented candidates.

Workplace diversity is not only good for business, but also benefits the community by encouraging inclusion and improving workforce participation. 

For more information on workplace diversity, check out the Diversity Council Australia website.