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Organisation of the month: Tradewind Australia

Tradewind Australia is Melbourne's fastest growing agency recruiting for the social services sector. They pride themselves on the strong and long-standing relationships they have formed with both their clients and candidates and have a strong reputation for their outstanding match making skills. 


Sector: Not-for-profit, community and government

Number of employees: 10-49

Location/s: Across Victoria

Client areas: Not-for-profit, community health, hospital, for profit, local government, local government council


Tell us about your organisation 

Tradewind Australia is Melbourne's fastest growing agency recruiting for the Social Services sector. We pride ourselves on the strong and long-standing relationships we have formed with both our clients and candidates and have a strong reputation for our outstanding match making skills. 

What are the benefits for job seekers in using your agency? 

Tradewind offers an extremely personalised service to both our clients and candidates. Our dedicated consultants are specialists in their recruitment fields and pride ourselves on being contactable, flexible and providing that quality personalised service that we all deserve.

Tell us about your team and why you recruit for the community sector 

We are a small team of dedicated professionals. Each of our consultants specialise in their field of recruitment which helps us to stay up to date with industry trends and changes. Tradewind is dedicated to making a difference for the vulnerable members of society, made possible by providing the best candidates.

What top 3 qualities do you look for in potential new candidates?

  • Recent relevant experience

  • Appropriate university qualifications

  • Flexibility and personality

What main areas or roles are you most often seeking candidates for?

Case managers and support workers across the different sectors, refugee and asylum, mental health, drugs and alcohol, disability, family services and aged care.

Do you have any words of wisdom to help job seekers with their journey? 

The most desirable quality our client organisations look for in our candidates is the ability to be personable with their clients whilst delivering a top quality service. It is essential to back yourself up with facts and relevant actual working experience to prove you are the right person for the role.

How often do you advertise on Job Seeker and what keeps you coming back? 

Tradewind advertises via Job Seeker weekly and we continue to do so as it is a job platform that is most relevant for this industry. This increases our chances of finding the best possible locum for our client organisations.

To find out more about Tradewind Australia, visit their website.

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